About Professional Counseling

Licensed Professional Counselor for Children, Adolescents and Parents.

Is your child or teen experiencing depression, anxiety, or behavioral issues?  Are you unsure how to help your child cope with stress? You don’t have to struggle alone. 

Meet Nicole Franco, LPC-MHSP

Hello, my name is Nicole and I am a Licensed Professional Counselor-Mental Health Service Provider that specializes in working with children, adolescents and their parents in the greater Nashville and Brentwood area.

I view therapy as an opportunity for transformation for each child and his or her parents. I offer a collaborative approach to therapy that takes into consideration all the major influences in a child’s life including family, school and community.  In addition I provide parental counseling/coaching to help families navigate through the inevitable challenges that arise during a child/adolescent’s growth and development. To learn more about my practice and services offered please visit my services page or call 615-200-0367  to speak with me directly.

Child Counseling

(Signs to look for: sad or withdrawn, extreme tantrums, acting out in school, fear of separation, active defiance, excessive worry, actively trying or thinking of hurting self or others, aggression, difficulty concentrating, significant changes in eating patterns, difficulty sleeping/nightmares.)

Disorders of early childhood are often overlooked or incorrectly perceived as a child simply “acting out.”  In truth, many children struggle with regulating emotions and will manifest stress and anxiety through aggressive and/or defiant behaviors. The earlier treatment is received, the more effective and long-lasting are the impressions of therapy. Individual play therapy allows children to safely express their emotions through play when they are unable to verbalize them. Through use of sand play, art, puppets and other imaginative play,  I help facilitate the development of healthy, coping behaviors, social skills, and insight into a child’s thoughts and feelings. The positive relationship and bond between therapist and child ultimately produces healing and a secure sense of well-being for your child.

Adolescent Counseling

(Signs to look for: sad or withdrawn, excessive worry, difficulty concentrating, a lack of motivation, loss of interest in activities, frequently in trouble at school, truancy, change in eating pattern/restrictive eating, excessive or limited sleeping, self-harming/cutting, thoughts or attempts of suicide, delinquent behavior, drastic decline in grades, drug use)

Teenage years can be among the most difficult in a person’s life. It is a phase of life that is emotionally challenging and confusing due to social, school, and societal pressures. Often times the biggest obstacle to getting help for an adolescent is his or her resistance to therapy. By providing a judgment free and relaxed environment, I help motivate teens to begin participating in the therapeutic process. Through use of cognitive behavioral techniques, therapeutic games, and art projects, the teen can begin to process feelings, identify thought patterns, gain insight, and develop healthy coping skills for every day stressors.

Adult Counseling

(Adults feeling overwhelmed or experiencing anxiety and depression can find relief with individual counseling. Parents feeling overwhelmed or unsure of how to support a child struggling with mental illness will benefit from individual counseling and education)

As an adult you experience daily stressors due to work, relationships, and family. Symptoms of depression and anxiety greatly impact your ability to navigate through challenges and reach your desired goals. I offer techniques of CBT, Relational and Trauma therapy to help adults struggling with trauma and mood disorders. Through these techniques adults will learn to manage symptoms while gaining new insights and perspectives as to how they relate to the world and others.

As a parent you experience additional stress worrying about the well-being of your child and hoping to provide the best support and help for him or her. I provide a fresh, outside perspective to help you view yourself and relationship with your child  in a positive and healthy light. Therapy is guided by your personal goals for growth and contentment. 


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